Transcript Requests

The process for obtaining school transcripts

Transcript Requests (Current Students)


Step 1: Complete the required forms. If you are under the age of 18 at the time transcripts are being requested, your parent/guardian must sign the transcript request form and the FCPS IS-111 release form. All fields must be completed and both forms submitted to Ms. O'Hara, Transcript Specialist, before any records can be released to a college, employer, or scholarship organization. If you are applying to more than 10 colleges, you will need to submit a second transcript request form.

Step 2: Submit forms in advance of all deadlines. Please address all requests to Ms. O'Hara, Transcript Specialist, at @email . Allow a minimum of three weeks before the first college application deadline for processing your request. Allow a minimum of two weeks for any transcripts needed for scholarship applications.

Step 3: Make your payment. Current seniors receive three college transcripts for free, and MVHS waives the transcript fee for any transcript needed to support a scholarship application. Each additional college transcript request is $5.00. Payment is preferred by credit card at  You may also pay by cash or check made payable to Mount Vernon High School. Write the student's name and ID number on the memo line. All fees must be paid before any transcript requests are processed. Fees are waived for qualifying Free and Reduced Meals (FRM) students.

To pay via MySchoolBucks:

1.Log in to your account, go to "School Store" and "Browse All Items."

2.Check the "Mount Vernon High" box if needed.

3.Click the "Transcripts" icon.

4.Select the student in the dropdown box and the number of transcripts you wish to pay for (not including the three FREE transcripts).

5.Click "Add to Basket."

6.Proceed to "View Cart/Checkout" to select payment and place your order.

7.Once your payment is processed, an email confirmation will be sent to Ms. O'Hara, Transcript Specialist.

Contact Ms. O’Hara @email  if you have any questions.

Counselor Recommendations

Step 1: As with transcript requests, allow THREE weeks before the first college application deadline.

Step 2: Complete the "All About Me" survey in Naviance. Follow: About Me tab> My Surveys> Surveys Not Started> All About Me. This survey provides information about your postsecondary plans, strengths, accomplishments, and interests.

Step 3: Send your counselor an email that you have completed the survey and specify if a Secondary School Report is also needed.

Step 4: Your counselor will upload the completed document(s) in Naviance for Ms. O'Hara, Transcript Specialist, to send with your transcript.         

Contact Ms. O’Hara @email  if you have any questions.

Transcript Request Deadline Dates

Please allow at least three weeks before the first college application deadline for processing your transcript request.

Transcript Request Deadlines
Deadline to turn in completed request to your Counselor Application Deadline for College/University
September 15, 2021 October 15, 2021
October 1, 2021 November 1, 2021
October 15, 2021 November 15, 2021
November 1, 2021 December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021 January 1, 2022
December 15, 2021 January 15, 2022
January 3, 2022 February 1, 2022


Mount Vernon High School Alumni

MVHS Graduate (within the past five (5) years)

Each transcript is $5.00. Requests may be paid using the MySchoolBucks web portal.

We also accept check for transcripts. Please make checks payable to Mount Vernon HS and mail to:

Ms. O’Hara, Transcript Specialist Mount Vernon High School 8515 Old Mount Vernon Road Alexandria, VA 22309

Contact Ms. O’Hara @email  if you have any questions.

MVHS Graduate (over five (5) years)

If you graduated from Mount Vernon High School more than five years ago, your transcript is held at the FCPS Records Center. Please call 703-329-7741 or email Records Center at @email.

Transcript Request Forms and Records Release Details

Mount Vernon High School Official Transcripts and Counselors Request Form

Use this form to request an official transcript and to release student information to other institutions. Be advised, if you are under age 18 at the time of the request, a parent/guardian must sign the transcript request and the associated release of information form (See below for the FCPS IS - 111 request form)

Request Mount Vernon High School Official Transcript and Counselor Form

Transcript Request - MVHS Graduate

Use this form if you graduated from MVHS or were withdrawn during your time at MVHS. A $5.00 fee is required for each official transcript request.

Transcript Request Form - Past MVHS Graduates

Consent for Release of Student Records - FCPS Form IS-111

Use this form to authorize Fairfax County Public Schools to release student records and related information to support student applications to colleges, universities, scholarship sponsors, employers and other institutions. 

Consent for Release of Student Records in Support of Post Secondary Applications