Procedures and policies regarding student attendance for MVHS.

Mount Vernon High School does not utilize an attendance office or officer to record any missed days for attendance purposes. Students may not call themselves or check themselves out from school. To report an absence, call the Attendance Line at 703-619-3131.

If you have grade level or location (CSS) specific questions, please call the designated phone number listed below for assistance. 

For our Comprehensive Services Site (CSS)703-619-3300.

Fairfax County Public Schools has granted parents and/or guardians with access to "real-time" attendance information via a SIS Parent Account. Student attendance details can be accessed by clicking ATTENDANCE on the SIS Navigation bar. With this view, parents will see all excused and unexcused tardies, absences and scheduled activities by period. By selecting a designated period, parents will have access to student schedule information including a list of their student's teachers and their email addresses. It is recommended that parents check this information before contacting the teacher or grade level attendance number for support.

Need a SIS Parent Account? Contact our Student Services office (703-619-3112), your student's counselor or review the FCPS SIS Parent webpage for more information. (SIS Parent Account Registration)

Single Period Attendance If you have questions regarding a specific single period attendance issue, contact the teacher for the assigned period for assistance. The teacher must approve any single period corrections.

Scheduled Student Check-out When checking your student out, the fastest and easiest way to insure your student is released in a timely manner is to send a note to the subschool with your student. Your student will be issued a check-out pass for the scheduled time. For your convenience, you may also call and leave a message on the assigned grade level attendance number. Please provide your student's name and the time you want your student dismissed. It is preferable for this to be completed in the morning in order to create the checkout information and pass for the student.

Unscheduled Student Check-out The deadline for picking up a student for unscheduled checkout is 2:30 p.m. Parents and/or emergency contact(s) should report to the Main Office. Allow at least 15 minutes and bring a photo ID to complete the checkout process.

Sick Student Check-out If your student is not feeling well, it is their responsibility to request a pass to the Health Room for assistance. The parent and/or emergency contact(s) can be called to pick up the student. By reporting to the clinic, our Health Room attendant and/or nurse can identify potential sicknesses and help to prevent widespread illness throughout the building.

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