Mission, Vision, Core Values & Beliefs

Our Mission:

Mount Vernon High School provides students daily opportunities to think, read, write and discuss topics across curricula in preparation for leading lives that benefit themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Vision:

Mount Vernon High School will be a place where students and faculty come together to engage in thinking, reading, writing and discussion of topics across curricula, in a positive and supportive environment, in preparation for responsible, global citizenship.

Our Core Values & Beliefs:

We believe in academic excellence.

  • Students reach their full academic potential by pursuing a rigorous academic program.

  • Faculty and staff work collaboratively using best practices in an environment of trust to maximize the learning experiences of the students.

  • The community is both recipient and contributor to the academic program and a strong partnership is essential to promote student learning.

    We believe in building relationships.

    • Students appreciate diversity and honor self and others through words and actions. 

    • Faculty and staff demonstrate fairness in judgments and actions with all students and with each other. 

    • Community members are involved and informed ambassadors for Mount Vernon High School.

      We believe in citizenship and character.

      • Students learn, internalize, and practice skills and ethics necessary to become responsible citizens. 

      • Faculty and staff are role models of ethical behavior. 

      • A dynamic partnership among students, parents, teachers and staff members, and the community is critical in developing responsible citizens and future leaders.