IB Programme Overview

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Are you interested in exploring any of these following Career & Technical Ed classes?

  • Business & Information Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education for Employment
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Most Academy-based courses
  • Technology Education

Are you planning on taking IB courses in your junior and senior year, but not in getting the full diploma?

If so, the IB Career-Related Programme might be a great choice for you!


  • Course Requirements – two sequential courses in a career-related field of study and a MINIMUM of a one-year and a two-year IB course—all  taken during your junior and senior years
  • Additional requirements
    • Personal and Professional Skills Course
    • Language Acquisition component
    • Reflective Project
    • Community and Service

If you are interested in learning more about the IB Career-Related Programme, please see Mrs. McHugh in the main office or email her at @email.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Does the student need to stay in the same CTE field?
    1. Yes; while several of our career-related areas have clearly delineated paths (for example: auto tech, culinary arts, auto tech) while others can mix and match courses as long as they stay within the same area (for example: marketing, business & it).
  2. Other than the personal and professional skills course, what are the additional requirements?
    1. Service learning – 50 hours over the course of two years
    2. Language development – 50 hours over the course of two years
    3. Reflective project – capstone project examining an ethical dilemma facing their career-related study – 3,000-word research paper.
  3. Does language and/or service hours prior to junior year count towards the Core requirements?

No, everything related to IB starts in the fall of junior year.

  1. Do students need to take a language course to meet the requirement?

No J  they can do one of the following:

    1. Take an IB course – as long as it is not one of their two IB diploma program course.
    2. Take an FCPS course.
    3. Complete a program of self-study in a language not previously studied via online program DuoLingo.
  1. Can students take more than two IB courses?  Do they have to take a one-year course?
    1. There is no restriction on the number of IB courses a student can take nor is there a cap on the number of HL courses.  As long as they meet the minimum requirement the sky is the limit (as long as the student can handle it!)
  2. What if students are taking an IB language course as one of their minimum two IB courses?
    1. Students will also have to complete option C above in order to meet the requirement of advancing in a course that is not their mother tongue.
  3. Is IB Business a CTE course or an IB course?

It could be either, based on below:

    1. If the student is taking IB Business as one of their two IB courses it cannot also be a CTE course.  The student will also have to take a CTE course in any of the areas (including a business & it course)
    2. If the student is taking more than the minimum two IB courses then, yes, it can count as a CTE course.
  1. Is Economics and Personal Finance a CTE course?

No. However, students can take IB Business to receive the EPF credit.

  1. Will there be anything required in the senior year (class of 2019 and beyond)?

Yes, to meet the IB requirement of concurrency of learning there will be something, however, that is still a work in progress – likely periodic meetings during Seahawk Seminars (stay tuned…)