Life After Mount Vernon HS - Salimata Sanfo

By Mount Vernon High School
December 02, 2020

This article about a former Major was shared by a member of the MVHS PTSA. We are #ProudMajors!

Salimata Sanfo came to William & Mary wanting to become a doctor, but quickly realized that hands-on science is not her passion. She switched from pre-med to pre-law after taking a course called Biomedical Ethics, where she learned that the ethics of medicine are more controlled in the legalities. She found that if she truly wants to help people in the medical field and make an impact on how doctors are treating their patients, she needs to be the one writing the codes and laws.

Click the following link to view the original article shared from the College of William and Mary website.

Salimata Sanfo - Creative and Critical Thinkers