By FCPS School News
April 01, 2019

STEM Design students at Mount Vernon High learned some practical, career-oriented job skills along with science, technology, engineering, art, and math standards while designing and constructing electric guitars during a six-week unit.

Thanks to a grant, the students received basic individual parts of an electric guitar that they were challenged to design. They cut a headstock, sanded, stained, soldered, and assembled the entire guitar themselves. Part of the lesson was to learn safety while using power tools along with the importance of time management, patience, and prepping wood before it is stained.

Using Autodesk Inventor, they drew their concepts. As part of the unit, they acquired marketable skills, including the use of power tools, soldering, reading music, playing a guitar, and repairing and building guitars for others.  Upon completion, the students were given the guitars so that they may continue learning to play a musical instrument.