Life Long Lessons Learned

Capstone projects plant seeds for lifelong skills for our IB MYP 10th graders.

By Michael F. Abrams - Website Curator
January 24, 2023

Capstone projects, as defined by, are “multifaceted” assignments that serve as the final piece before graduation or completion of an extended educational course or program. 

This past week, our 10th grade International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) students presented their version of a capstone activity called the Personal Project. Although these students have two additional years of high school remaining, for many, this culminating project may have created new passions which will extend far beyond their high school years.

First time crocheter Natalie challenged herself to learn how to crochet and pushed herself to complete, as she described it “the infamous crochet bee”. She identified herself as a fast learner but found that certain parts of the project pushed her more than she expected. 


Image of student explaining crocheting to staff member.
10th Grader Natalie explains her process to a teacher.

For Marquis, a needle and thread were the tools of choice for his personal project. Marquis dedicated his project time to teaching himself how to sew by hand. These skills and along with a love for several “variant” versions of Spiderman, led to several completed examples and a skill that may come in handy in the future.

Image of student with hand sewn Spiderman masks.
10th Grader Marquis displaying his handsewn variant Spiderman masks.

Combining a traditional bicycle with a small motor led Aidan to his personal project creation. Although this gas powered bike has yet to be fully road tested, he believes when fully conditioned, it can reach speeds ranging from 30 - 40 miles per hour. 


Image of student and his motorized bike
Aidan's motorized bike is getting closer for a full road test.

For Micheal, future aspirations led the way for the personal project. Micheal’s creation, an interactive website allows participants to step into the morgue, review the process for preparing a cadaver and even complete makeup to meet general requirements based on industry standards. With the end goal in mind, Micheal hopes to have “mortician” listed as an occupation in years to come.

Image of student with website creation.
Micheal's website preparations are leading toward future goals.

IB MYP coordinator Nikolas Short believes the format of the personal project helps students to learn and prepare for future endeavors. He stated that the project allows students to “showcase what they’ve learned - not just about school but about themselves - their strengths & weaknesses and the things they care about and love.” He shared that many of the skills gathered as a part of the project development (planning, determining which skills were needed and reflection) will allow students to be better prepared for “real world” experiences regardless of their field of study or occupation. 

He notes that by providing these types of opportunities (Personal Projects) for our students to showcase their learning with others may “inspire” younger students to explore areas unfamiliar to them.

For more information about the IB MYP Personal Project or if you have any questions regarding the Middle Year Program, please reach out to Nikolas Short for details.