Building Community Through Service

This MVHS Student is Truly Making a Difference in Her Community

By Office of Communication and Community Relations
August 31, 2018

Center of a Community

When you visit the Stony Brook Apartment Community Center near Mount Vernon High School, the room is filled with teenagers who are eagerly engaged in conversation with younger children from the community.  

The teens in the room are there because of one classmate's efforts. Racheal Appiah is the Youth Volunteer Manager at Stony Brook. She is responsible for all of the youth activities that take place in the apartment community during the summer.  In addition, she runs the youth mentoring program that helps the students in her community to gain skills in math and reading, so they are ready for school in the Fall.  Racheal doesn't get paid for her efforts, it is all for the joy she finds in making a difference.  Simply, it’s in her nature to want to help those around her. Racheal received the 2018 Fairfax County Youth Volunteer of the Year Award for her outstanding efforts.